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Fluidized Bed Incineration Systems

To know more about Raschka fluidized bed incineration technology, please download

Raschka Sludge Treatment Leaflet | PDF
Raschka FBI Spreader test run movie | AVI
Solar drying and auto-thermal fluidized bed incineration of sewage sludge and power | PDF
Raschka FBI Technology | PDF
FBI system description| PDF
Compact FBI  | PDF
Case studies | PDF
Basics for Projects | PDF
Raschka FBI Technology for contaminated soil | PDF
Raschka sewage sludge treatment reference plant movie | MP4

Raschka FBI Technology stands for a highly specialized fluidized bed incineration technology which has been developed further significantly and new application fields have been identified.  

We design and construct fluidized bed incinerators and waste heat steam boilers for power generation, for energy recovery and for environmentally friendly thermal disposal.  

According to our company’s philosophy we offer solutions which meet exactly the individual requirements of our clients and which are the best choice with regard to technology, economy and efficiency.  

Actually, more than 100 RASCHKA-References in Europe and Asia show our performance and capacity. Private and public institutions, such as industrial enterprises, waste water treatment associations and communities rank among our clientele.  

There are two main objectives for the present and the future – on the one hand to generate energy from renewable sources and on the other hand to dispose refuse and waste in an effective, energy recovering and environmentally friendly way. We deem the application of the RASCHKA-fluidized bed technology to be the perfect technical, economic and ecological solution.

Most tenders and inquiries request the type of plant that RASCHKA has developed, planned and constructed since 1981. This confirms that RASCHKA fluidized bed plants are generally accepted as a landmark and a state of the art technology.

We design and construct fluidized bed incineration plants for:

  • Power generation

  • Energy recovery

  • Chemical processes

  • Environmentally friendly thermal utilization and disposal

  • Sewage sludge, coal sludge and waste sludge from industry and refineries

The thermal power of the plants ranges from 0.5 to 85 MW thus covering the entire sphere of technically and economically appropriate use of the atmospheric stationary fluidized bed incineration.