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Turn Key Waste to Energy Systems 

We deem the RASCHKA technology the best technical and economical solution for the challenges of the presence and the future: the energy production from renewable sources as well as the effective recovery of energy from residual and waste materials and their environmental friendly disposal. We offer tailor-made solutions with the most suitable process meeting exactly the requirements of the specific case.

Our fluidized bed plants dispose solid, pasty and liquid materials thermally and recover the energy from these materials. Excellent operation results are obtained without any additional valuable fossil energy by our outstanding process even when using low caloric waste materials. So the demands for sustainability are fully met.

Solid residuals and waste are utilized at high temperatures by means of our rotary kiln – if the characteristics of the waste do not require a fluidized bed system. In combination with a downstream combustion chamber liquid residuals and waste can be utilized, too.

Liquid and gaseous residuals and waste are utilized by means of our Static Incineration chamber.